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You were at my showings!

Updated: Feb 18

I showed homes yesterday and I have a bone to pick with you. Ha! Got your attention but really, are you selling a home? Did you list it with an agent? Are you insistent on scheduling appointments for that home on your own without your agent? Are you sticking around for showings? I have a bone to pick with you.

Let's take a step back first. Previously in real estate I know it was popular to "sell". Agents sold, homeowner sold and buyers bought. What does this mean exactly? Well, it means you pointed to the amenities a home provided, made and spoke lists of things a homeowner should find value in. "Look at this gorgeous view!" or "This electrical panel is brand new, see the double breaker!" Pointing and talking, pointing and talking. So much pointing and talking! Hahaha. No more!

Today is different because we have so much technology at our fingertips. Buyers don't NEED to see the details when they get there. They most likely already got a copy of your seller disclosure (the form a seller fills out to describe damage, new updates and detailed information on the home), they checked your permits on the property tax record, and most likely their agent asked your agent for the ages of the roof, air conditioner, electrical and so on. So much conversation is going on before a buyer steps in the home. From the pictures to the many disclosures released we have a good idea of why we SHOULD show your home.

So what happens at a show? Emotion. A lot of emotion is happening. Buyers today are looking to fall in Love. They want to have an emotional connection to the home they're going to buy. Especially if they're first time home buyers or selling a home to move into this one. Buying a home is more than financials. It's about seeing yourself in that home celebrating life events and family holidays. It's about making memories. Some buyers want to make a home their own through updating it themselves. Some buyers want something completely updated and new.

When I show homes it's always best to let a buyer explore a home without my input. I tell them any specifics and answer questions they may have. Sometimes we share excitement in seeing something specific they've been looking for. Other than that I allow them to self discover. The less I say the better. We can't know everything someone is thinking even if they're our own family. Showing homes is a part of the experience and I allow our buyers to experience their potential new homes without my opinions.

Why am I there then? For support. I'm there to make calls to the listing agent, make sure everyone is exploring safely, nothing is left unlocked, discuss any major draw backs and most of all to ease any unnecessary worry about new things you might find in a home. If you're not from around here, a Florida home may come with interesting amenities to you.

Why should you not be there? Well . . . because you take the emotion right out of it. You do. Even or should I say ESPECIALLY if it's your agent you request to be there. Buyers cannot imagine living in your home with you and/or your agent there for their "private" showing. They see the home through your eyes instead. They feel like they're encroaching on your life somehow. When they're being shown around they're looking at what you want them to and not what they're most interested in. I can get you a full price offer when there's a high level of emotion. Because buyers, most people, tend to feel everyone carries their opinion. They love it so they think everyone loves it the same. The same goes for the opposite. If they feel no emotion now they're looking at it like a mathematical equations. And they think everyone else is doing the same. A high sense or urgency and emotion is what we're looking for, for our sellers. It's why we suggest pricing within or below the market so many people will compete for your home. It's why we market a home as "coming soon" a week before it's on the open market. Urgency is what sellers need to get a home sold fast and for the price they desire most. When you're at the showing you're taking a huge risk in deflating that urgency.

If you hired an agent to sell your home then you should let them put their best foot forward. See what they're really made of by leaving during showings. How can you gauge if this was the best road to travel without trusting the agent you hired for the job? We love sellers. They run the show here. I tell my buyers that all the time. But when we show a home, you have to let go a little. And if you're worried about theft and damage then install some cameras and watch the showing from your phone. The one thing technology is going to have a hard time doing is replacing that "I NEED to live here" feeling a buyer can get when touring a home at their own pace.

Ps. While we're making important suggestions we might as well put it all out there on the table. You need professional photos no matter the sale price. Those photos are the reason we scheduled this showing in the first place. Have your agent hire a real estate photographer. The difference is uncanny.

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