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What's your play set?

Updated: Feb 18

This play set pictured below gave me the power to dream BIGGER this year. So many of us made our goals at the end of last year for 2020 and quite frankly, we though small about them. We thought about losing weight, (obvs) about vacations we haven't taken and even set sales goals based on our numbers from the year before. I don't know about you but nothing bores me more then setting simple, actionable, realistic goals. I freaking hate those words. Have we met? There ain't nothin simple about me babe! Haha.

Back to the play set: Every single day since we bought our first home here in Clearwater, FL I would look out the back windows, sliding glass door and kitchen window and see a huge flat empty space. It bothered me. Nick and I were both born in NJ and grew up with pools! Yeah, we're those kids. Pool party central in NJ. LOL. We agreed our first home didn't need a pool. They're not only expensive but you have to take care of them so you can use them. With a baby on the way and starting a new businesses in a new city we definitely didn't need to worry about who turned on and off the filter. But the empty space back there was weird. I hated it.

As Dominick grew we stood firm on the no pool, but we also had less and less money for the play set we wanted. "We wanted" being the key term here. We didn't want just anything back there. I knew that would depress us even more. So I started doing something I did a lot in our business. I started visualizing that swing set. I started looking back there, seeing it being built, the kids playing on it and friends coming over to run around it. When I opened those curtains or made dinner I would look out those windows and smile. Take a deep breath and feel accomplished for putting the perfect swing set back there. The one we wanted. I imagined making snacks and filling water bottles to send outside. I even went out there and measured the space it would be placed.

What I didn't do was figure out how much it would cost. I didn't visit play set distributors or look at them online to find a sale. I didn't compare our yard to others. I didn't even put any money aside for it. See, the thing about telling the universe everything you always wanted is you have to put emotion into it. I purposely stayed away from all the things that could place negative emotion into my visualization. There are endless books to describe exactly what I'm talking about. This is about what I did and why it works for me.

You see when I looked out those windows I gave myself permission to dream. Today, when I look out those windows I see the play set I envisioned and my children loving every square inch of it. Even the experience I wanted them to have shows up now and then. Everyday I still look back there and see it and smile the same smile I've had the last 4 years. I feel those same accomplished emotions. This experience gave me the the power to dream even BIGGER than I have been. I don't usually share my goals or dreams with people because they can be confusing. Many of us rewind to those words "simple, actionable, realistic" when we dream BIG. And when I say things like "I want to be a stay at home mom who runs her own business, travels the world homeschooling her kids and hunting for talent to add to her team" people start to look at me strange. LOL. I mean, you do. But that's ok because I know many of you, including my own mother, think I'm setting myself up for failure. And that's perfectly fine with me. I use that to keep my emotions in check. What's that mean? Well, it means I make sure I have the emotion of accomplishment in my back pocket when someone looks at me strange. I'm going to do all of those things and it won't be perfect. It will be alive.

I'm going to homeschool my children successfully (you can't really do it wrong), grow leaders full of confidence at home and abroad and travel the world by boat and train in the most luxurious ways possible just to name a few. I'm going to keep adding to my Big Dreams. I'm going to reshape some of them and cross out a few. I might even hand some down to my children. That friggin play set has lit a fire inside me. You have no idea how unattainable that thing was a couple years ago.

This website alone is a dream I put off time and time again. To combine all my referral partners, put them on my own podcast and blast our media more and more everyday with who we are. Talking about myself isn't hard for me, don't get me wrong, but being held accountable to it is. I schedule time to talk about myself on social media. Just like this post. It's all thanks to that play set. I want to connect and engage as much as I can because it only helps us in the end. That starts with telling you that we dream BIGGER AND BIGGER every single day. I think you should too. What's your play set? Do you have it yet? Are you deciding what's most important? I would love to hear from you about it!

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