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The Latest in Virtual Tours with Vince Winteregg

Hear about the future of house tours with Natalie Pindar of the Pindrop Group and Vince Winteregg of Mimeo Imaging on this episode of The Pindrop Group Community Show. This technology is obviously helpful during the time of COVID, but Natalie predicts that virtual scans will be popular far into the future.

How Does it Work?

With this new technology that is able to build 3D scans of homes, you can easily “walk” your way through the property online.

“You can click and drag and spin around. You can zoom in on things and take measurements,” said Vince. “Since it’s building a 3D model, we’re able to easily pull black and white schematic floor plans.”

Natalie adds that this innovation is very convenient to realtors.

Why Go Virtual?

The addition of the COVID age to the digital age has created an extra want and need for more businesses to adapt to online services.

“More things are moving to a digital platform, and this whole thing is throwing everyone into it a lot faster,” said Vince.

“It’s also great for media purposes. I would have endless streams of content,” adds Natalie.

Apart from home tours, Vince explains he’s also done scans for a range of other businesses like coffee shops and gyms.

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