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The Benefits of Cryotherapy, IV Drips and more with Geoff Whitworth

In this episode of The Pindrop Group Community Show Natalie Pindar of the Pindrop Group talks with Geoff Whitworth of Restore Hyper Wellness in St. Pete about the wellness treatments they offer.

About Restore

Restore Hyper Wellness offers a range of treatments like IV therapy, cryotherapy, and infrared therapy.

Geoff explains infrared therapy as mimicking the benefits and nutrients our body gets from sunlight without the harm of it. It aids in circulation, joint pain, and inflammation.

“We’re not replacing your massage therapist or chiropractor,” said Geoff. “What we want to replace is your prescription pain medication.”

Something For Everyone

Restore’s therapies can be adapted and targeted to fit your health needs. They welcome any questions and want to know your personal goals to best serve you.

Geoff hopes customers feel at home at Restore, “We want them to come in and feel like this is where they can relax and feel better.”

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