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Talking Content Creation, Websites and Blogging with David Ebner of Ebner Marketing

Updated: Jun 9

In this episode of The Pindrop Group Community Show, Natalie Pindar of the Pindrop Group talks with David Ebner of Ebner Marketing. David targets topics like content strategy, social media, and SEO rankings. Listen to the full podcast for useful marketing specifics on how to be seen and heard online!

Don’t Get Content in Your Content

Ebner Marketing offers content marketing services like strategy, SEO research, and copy creation. David explains that within the umbrella of content, there is owned, earned, and paid content. The content for your site and social media are your owned content. People sharing your articles and links is earned content.

Even if you hire a company like Ebner Marketing to help you create content, you can’t leave it all to them, he says. It’s important for your company to still have your voice and participation alongside that.

“The sum of content and quality of content are both important,” David said.

Be Social

“Doing social” is posting on your social media.

“That’s only half the game,” David said.

“Being social” is spending time on your account liking, commenting, and sharing articles. While social posts can be scheduled out, being social involves spending actual time on the account. Being social can sometimes be overlooked even though it’s very important for growth.

Keywords are Key

Keywords are vital for leading people to your content. David does research on keywords that produce the highest traffic for your content so he can then create organic content for your website around those keywords.

“Organic search is when you produce content in your website that hits keywords,” David said. “If you’re running paid search ads on any keywords, you should be creating organic content on your site for those same keywords, if not, you’re wasting money."

In other words, don’t sleep on SEO!

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