• Natalie Pindar

Media? Yup! Let's do it.

Wow! This morning I had some media knowledge poured into me.  Have you every had anyone "pour" into you? LOL It's what we say around here when serious time, energy and knowledge is invested in you from a respected source. 

Sharon Fekete with 13th Ave Media is doing something many of us don't take a minute to notice let alone replicate.  She's raising her hand and asking if she can help.  I have many reasons to say ThankYou to her and her team, that oncologist she referred to us for one, and today is no different. 

13th Ave Media will host educational events on their Facebook page.  I'm thinking on a deeper level here about what I can do more of to better showcase who we are and what we do.  It's also given me a huge dose of gratitude.  I have spent some time creating the environment we live in today.  The people who surround us.  The professionals we refer to our world.  The neighbors around our children.  Gratitude has a revolving presence around our lives.

Media is so important to business today. It's constantly growing and changing. This moves parallel to a belief I have in the world today as a whole. If we've done it "this way" since forever then it's time to flip that cup upside down. It's time to do it a completely new and different way. Like why I homeschool my kids, talk about everything but real estate when I network, and for the love all that is holy I go on Day Dates with my husband! Hahaha. I have zero time for that after hours look right now. Getting back on track, media is our life these days. We're post and it's been an educational experience. I hope you find us, like us and share some thoughtful comments. Because that is exactly the root of what we spoke about this morning. It's so simple and yet all we need is time and guidance.

If you're looking for a friend in media then you've found one. Our presence will grow and we'll be on your pages. We love you guys. Our community, our local business owners and most precious of all, our past, present and future clientele are important to us. We'll be connecting with you out there. It's a priority for us and you're welcome to connect with us too.

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