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Getting to Know Maria Gianfilippo with Organic Speech Therapy

Join Natalie Pindar of the Pindrop Group on this episode of The Pindrop Group Community Show with Maria Gianfilippo of Organic Speech Therapy. Maria talks about what a speech therapist is, what she loves about her job, and her speech therapy practice.

What is a Speech Therapist?

“Our term speech therapist is kind of limiting,” said Maria.

She went on to explain that her work goes beyond the boundaries of “speech” into other areas such as memory and swallowing disorders.

Maria primarily works with young children that may have trouble with speech sounds or be late talkers.

Why Speech Therapy as a Career?

In college, Maria ended up stumbling into a speech therapy major when nothing else was sticking for her. Years later, she runs her own speech therapy business.

“It’s such a rewarding job,” Maria said.

The greatest thing about her job is when seeing patients and families that are excited to make progress, she says.

Find more info about Maria and her company, Organic Speech Therapy, at

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