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Clearwater is on the rise!

Updated: Jan 9

I haven't had to look far to hear that Clearwater, FL is on the rise right now. It has been in recent years but honestly homes are selling for way more then I would expect. Specific homes though. Homes that are newly redone inside and have that clean HGTV look. I did a Facebook Live about this a couple months ago. It was on how Inman News said buyers are looking for the HGTV look and if you didn't have it as a seller you would be paying for it in value. Well let me tell you! If you DO have it as a seller then you're gaining it in value. This has some key concepts that I learned the hard way back in 2012. We flipped a couple homes (10) that year into the next and had a great system. Some things I know now that I've learned on the sales side (something my Realtors didn't know either) I learned the hard way.

One thing is for sure: CURB APPEAL

Curb appeal today is your #1 goal. Buyers want to feel invited into a home before they can imagine living there. I see this time and time again. The kitchen is beautiful but the front yard needs work or there's paint chipping on the windows. They put the home in their back pocket. When a home has curb appeal scoring 100% they can't wait to make offers. They literally say things like "Oh, I can design my own kitchen but I can't wait to sit on this porch!". The homes I've seen sell for top dollar have excellent, no, flawless curb appeal.

Next on my list is FLOW.

The interior of these homes have awesome flow. That starts with the flooring. NO transitions! These are the death of flow. That's my experience and I'm sticking to it. Haha. When you can see more than two different types of flooring from any single spot then flow is interrupted. Buyers want to walk into a home and feel like they're being pulled to explore more. Nothing kills a contract faster then a buyer feeling like they "should" see the rest because they're here and all. $10k just came off your offer. I'm telling you! It's a real thing.

I can't leave out ALL THE BATHROOMS

It's so imperative that if you touch one bathroom you must do them ALL. I know you can't spend all your cash on fixtures. Believe me, I KNOW fixtures can put you in bankruptcy count. Haha. However, a buyer who walks into a perfectly made half bathroom or hallway bathroom and has an old but shiny master bathroom is knocking another $5,000 off your asking price. That's the base amount it would cost them to do it themselves. The same goes for a gorgeous master bathroom and an old dingy one for the kids. Families or young couples buying homes want to give their kids a bath in something new. They want to buy that antique step stool to watch their children brush their teeth in the mirror.

Last and most certainly not least is the BACKYARD.

You ever see on these TV shows how they have elaborate yard detail? Especially us being in Florida. This is another key point. Clean up the yard, get the pool water crystal clear, fix the pavers or whatever needs help. Trees! Trim those trees. The yard is the homeowner sanctuary. They are visualizing family time and quite honestly hosting their first party. Our first flip had a pool that was unfinished. We offered a cash bonus or credit to have the new owner finish the pool. It didn't go over well. After we spent the $$ to create the perfect pool that puppy sold for more money in less than a day!

I know it sounds like, Duh who doesn't know this? But let me tell you. If you're not budgeting for fine details or preparing your contractor for it then you'll be scrambling in the end to finish. The grass, the pool, the trees, the last bit of tile in the kitchen or even something as big as a bathroom gets left out. Budget for this now as a flipper, home owner or future buyer and you can breathe easy in your sale. Ha, "breathe easy", I'm reading too many motorcycle club romance novels.

Clearwater is ready for more homes like these. Buyers are eating them up right now and there is not a ton of options out there. Send me questions, comments or experience! Would love to hear from you.

Natalie Pindar

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