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Building Immunity Through a Positive Mindset and Clean Eating with Dr. César Lara

Updated: Jun 9

In this episode of The Pindrop Group Community Show, Natalie Pindar of the Pindrop Group chats with Dr. César Lara of César A. Lara, M.D. Weight Management in Clearwater about a new view on nutrition. Dr. Lara speaks on educating yourself on how your body can heal and transform.

Changing Your Belief System on Nutrition and Body Image

Dr. Lara points out that our society relies heavily on doctors and medications at the first sign of a symptom, but there is usually another way to heal. When we educate ourselves on nutrition and mindset, we can shift this dependence and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“I empower my patients to heal themselves from within,” Dr. Lara said, describing how he views his practice. “I see myself as a healer who happens to be an M.D.”

While it is common to hear negativity about body fat, Dr. Lara reminds patients that fat cells help our immune system. Fat cells become out of control when they develop an imbalance and can be healed by bringing balance back to the body.

His program includes training your body to have a healthy relationship with food and body image.

Am I Eating Healthy?

While many of Dr. Lara’s patients believe they are eating healthy, they may be unaware of the harmful ingredients like chemicals, colors and pesticides hidden in their food.

Dr. Lara emphasizes the importance of being aware of how your food gets to the table. For example, chicken that comes to your table as a product of factory farming can carry antibiotics and hormones with it.

“Understanding how the food gets to us is critically important for not only keeping a healthy weight, but more importantly to maintain our health,” Dr. Lara said. “At the end of the day, we are what we eat."

Food and Your Mood During the Pandemic

Dr. Lara explains that the limbic brain is responsible for fear and anxiety. When it is fed with sugar it begins to take control and causes people to live in fear.

Our behavioral patterns and cravings are unconsciously driven by forces like our gut communicating to our brain.

“The brain is the CEO of every single cell in your body. The board of directors is the gut bacteria that live in your stomach,” he said.

Dr. Lara’s program seeks to replace patients' ‘boards of directors’ with new ones that want to be healthy.

During the pandemic, Dr. Lara suggests that a diet of healthy fats, lots of greens and moderate proteins will help us focus and think clearly.

Dr. Lara gives encouragement to have a mindset of healing ourselves and our planet during this time at home focusing on being rather than doing.

Find Dr. Cesar Lara at His practice is offering modified in person, zoom and phone call appointments at this time.

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